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Be someone who cares, it's easy!

“I accept to be the last man, if being human means resembling to the others” - Emil Cioran

The Association “AIDE SANTE” appeared from the enthusiasm of a group of teachers and doctors who think that something can still be done today for a large number of people in distress. “AIDE SANTE” builds the future by involving in the daily reality, the existence of which most of the time we are not fully aware or that we cannot always quantify its social implications. A recent survey conducted in France shows that “poverty is a condition that leads to the inability of a person to participate to the social life”. Of course, in Romania things are completely different...

There are many things to be done!

“... Others are looking into some well, or on the dial of some hand, they’re doing wrong, very wrong, when there are contemplating machines, machines that make paper lumps when you're distracted” - Marin Sorescu

The Association “AIDE SANTE” aims to bring joy and hope to a better life and a future at the same level:
* for talented children and children without childhood
* for poor families
* for people who are facing difficulties of material, social and medical nature
* for disadvantaged and disabled persons
* for chronically ill patients or incurable

The recovery and social reintegration center of the Association operates through the Medical Department (which performs medical activities in the specialized centers of our partners and at patients' homes) and through the Social Department which has as purpose the social integration of people with difficulties.

We manage, capitalize and distribute goods and financial funds obtained from individuals or legal persons from the country and from abroad, or from European funds through:

  • Donations
  • Sponsorships
  • Voluntary contributions
  • Scholarships
  • Aid
  • Events
  • Creation camps
  • Other means provided by law

About Us

Asociația AIDE SANTE este o organizație filantropică, ce își desfășoară activitatea începând din decembrie 2009 în București, în conformitate cu legislația română și cu valorile umane și sociale. Misiunea asociației este de a îmbunătăți calitatea vieții și de a oferi sprijin și speranță pentru copiii talentați, copiii fără copilărie, familiile sărace, persoanele care se confruntă cu dificultăți de natură materială, socială și medicală, persoanele defavorizate și cu handicap, bolnavii cronici sau incurabili...



Andreea, 18, volunteer of the Association “AIDE SANTE”. “I learned to work with people in difficulty”.

Adela, 24, volunteer of the Association “AIDE SANTE”. “I know how to give hope in everything I do”.

Cristina, 24 ani, volunteer of the Association “AIDE SANTE”. "Text aici".

Madalina, 21 ani, volunteer of the Association “AIDE SANTE”. "Text aici".

Sabina, 25 ani, volunteer of the Association “AIDE SANTE”. "Text aici".